Meet Our Leadership

      Michael Feeney


      With an impressive 23-year career in the employee benefits industry, Michael is renowned for his expertise in process improvement, employee engagement, and fostering strategic vendor partnerships. His commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to clients sets him apart in the dynamic landscape of healthcare solutions.

      Michael's professional mission revolves around helping clients achieve their goals and optimize their benefits programs. His approach emphasizes compliance, efficiency, and client satisfaction. 

      Michael Feeney's leadership is characterized by a unique blend of industry expertise, a commitment to client success, and a passion for fostering growth and development in both professional and community settings. 

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      Ari Rostowsky


      Ari Rostowsky is an experienced expert in the insurance sector with a proven track record in the hospital and healthcare industry. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing Sales, Healthcare Industry, Management, Management, and Insurance, Ari brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Managing Partner at Tres Health, IHPlans, and Teddy Health.

      Ari Rostowsky's career is characterized by a dedication to excellence in insurance within the healthcare landscape. His diverse skill set, honed through years of experience, positions him as a dynamic leader in the industry. As Managing Partner, Ari continues to drive innovation and success, ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare solutions.

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      David Morris


      Dave Morris is a seasoned professional in the insurance industry, with a distinguished career spanning several decades. As a dedicated leader and expert in Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, and Group Insurance, Dave has made a significant impact on the sector through his innovative solutions and strategic leadership.

      Dave Morris stands as a beacon of expertise in the insurance domain, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to every role he undertakes. His commitment to innovation and client satisfaction continues to drive his success in the ever-evolving landscape of employee benefits and insurance solutions.

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      Aaron Rocha


      Aaron Rocha has a diverse career within the health and technology space. His experience includes serving as a Partner for a group benefits insurance agency, leading operations, and facilitating sales as a program manager. He also led a national TPA as an executive responsible for sales operations, carrier partnerships, and BPO management.

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      Amanda Emery


      As the Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda Emery spearheads the marketing efforts for Tres Health, IHPlans, and Teddy Health, guiding strategic initiatives that play a crucial role in the ongoing success of the enterprise. Amanda has a passion for understanding customer needs and the changing market landscape and uses that knowledge to enhance strategic efforts in client education, creative direction, brand building, and digital marketing.

      Amanda has worked on numerous Voice of the Customer initiatives, while building out new client verticals and products within her previous role as Director of Strategic Marketing at an international forensic consulting firm. She played a pivotal role in orchestrating global growth and go-to-market strategies to expand customer loyalty and market presence within targeted regions and client segments. Amanda has held positions within, or marketed to, the insurance sector for most of her career tenure, and began that journey in the TPA and Voluntary Benefits space, with a focus on building broker relationships, brand awareness, content marketing, and digital strategy.

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